Halloween Sounds

Sons d'ambiance Halloween mixés Pack # 3 - 4 fichiers Démo Amb-halloween-Ghosts2.mp3 Ghosts, chains, storm, witch laugh, dramatic noises and sounds, church bell, heartbeat, breath, screams Amb-halloween-Ghosts3.mp3 Ghosts woohoo, screams, voices, chains, dramatic sounds Amb-halloween-cave1.mp3 Cave, reverb, drip, water Amb-Halloween-monster.mp3 Mad laugh, monster, screams, dramatic music

Sons d'ambiance Halloween mixés Pack # 2 - 3 fichiers Démo Amb-halloween-Labo.mp3 Laboratory, electricity, bubbles, rats Amb-halloween-October.mp3 Heavy wind in the trees, chimes Amb-halloween-storm.mp3 Wind, heavy rain, crow, storm

Sons d'ambiance Halloween mixés Pack # 1 - 3 fichiers Démo Amb-halloween-Creaky.mp3 Creaking wood, wind in trees, chimes Amb-halloween-Ghosts.mp3 Voices, satanic laughs, chains, storm, ghosts Amb-halloween-Help.mp3 Clock, dramatic music, creaking door, satanic voice


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